Friday, January 14, 2011

Reema Khan Pakistani actress Pictures or photos

Reema Khan is a very popular Pakistani film actress .She was born (born October 27, 1971 at Multan .During the start of her career, she was known as Reema, but later on she was known also as Reema Khan..She debuted as an actress in the film Bulandi, directed by Mohammad Javed Fazil in 1990.It was super Hit Film on box office .Bulandi helped Reema to stick in Lollywood .She was most successful Film Heroine of 90s. Reema is very good actress and as well as very good film dancer .Beacuse of many super movies during 90's Reema achieved the status of one of the top actresses of Lollywood..She inspired Pakistani film viewers due to her acting.. In 2005, she introduced herself as a producer and director with the film Koi Tujh Sa Kahan. Its got very good response from viewers .Reema is very beautiful and talented actress with perfect sexy figure . Reema is looking so beautiful in her photos .

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