Monday, July 17, 2017

Salary - A Short Film

Salary - A short Film about a needy person must watch it for more videos or short films subscribe our youtube channel.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Saba Qamar said Dunia Chand pa ponch gy hay or hum

Saba Qamar said Dunia Chand pa ponch gy hay or hum watch this video for what she is saying.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Miss universe - Who is miss universe 2017 - Annouced

Miss universe - Who is miss universe 2017 - Annouced

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pakistani Talk show Best On Pakistani News channels Watch Online Tv show

tv shows online

Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain is a political parody show, which includes funny portions on Pakistani political issues. It is facilitated by Saba Qamar, Fiza Ali and Mehwish Hayat, the show is currently separated into the 3 forms the first is Midweek Version Hosted by Mehwish Hayat, second one is Extra Version Hosted By Fiza Ali, third Show of The Week is Weekend Version Hosted by Saba Qamar Earlier this show was likewise facilitated by Veena Malik, Sara Chaudry, Hira Salman, Kiran Tabeer, Mathira and Arisha Razi .

Composed by popular author Dr Youns butt , the show is a comic drama sitcom in view of political situation of Pakistan. The show ridicules the Pakistani legislators and presents the Pakistani political issues in funny sections. Notwithstanding different characters, every scene has a visitor, who derides a universal or national government official. It typically manages current occasions.

Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain watch latest episodes.

Khabarnaak is a Urdu and Punjabi Comedy television show that affectation on 11:05pm on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays on GEO News. Mir Mohammad Ali takes on the appearance of a big name, while a few comics add life to the show with entertaining comments and examination paying little respect to whether such comments are required or not. It is a veritable "tattle section of television shows" where in a flippant way governmental issues, current undertakings and society are under examination concentrating on appropriate issues that influence all of us.

"Khabarnaak with Naeem Bukhari" is a spot where quintessential characters with diverse and contradicting foundations meet up and examine, basically, our general public, including Naeem Bukhari, as the host and Mir Mohammad Ali as a copy. With the shenanigans of Lucky Dear and a few others, the show draws in gatherings of people from diverse circles of Punjabi life. Saleem Albela includes humor through his witty comments. They talk about legislative issues, current undertakings and society's issues for the most part in Punjabi Language.

Khabarnaak with naeem bukhari tv show:

Mazaaq Raat is a Pakistani comic drama television show that affectation Monday to Wednesday evenings on Dunya TV. Noman Ejaz has the show, with the Mazaaq Raati group comprising of Amanullah Khan, Sakhawat Naz, Iftikhar Thakur and Mohsin Abbas Haider as DJ.

The show is recorded before a studio group of onlookers at Dunya News base camp. In August 2013, a pilot show was telecast to gage its group of onlookers claim. Amid the pilot, the give was presented a role as:
  • Chacha Bashir played by Amanullah Khan, a head constable police official who is one year from retirement
  • Pappu Allrounder played by Sakhawat Naz, an unemployed young fellow who has realized numerous aptitudes amid his unemployment
  • Ardli played by Iftikhar Thakur, a representative of the President House
At the point when the show was begun in arrangement design, a characters' percentage were changed. Mujahid Abbas and Sardar Kamal showed up on a few shows also. Crystal gazer Samiah Khan additionally shows up on a few shows, playing the character of Chacha Bashir's fiancée.

Mazaaq Raat tv show Watch Latest episodes.

Khabardar is a Urdu and Punjabi comedy television demonstrate that show at 11:05pm on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays on Express News. The primary subject of this system is that a man sitting in the show tells a peculiar or surprising news and the comedians of the show begin pointing so as to kid about it another comedian of the appear, or in whatever other way.
Khabardar Express News Show

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Sunny Leone connected with DK song

Sunny Leone

Executive turned-on-screen character Prem has dependably demonstrated the popular hotties of Bollywood in his movies as thing young ladies. Be it Yana Gupta in Jogi, Mallika Sherawat in Preethi Yeke Bhoomi Melide or Sunny Leone now in DK. What's more these tracks have every had verse that have been topical. In Seshamma, for DK, Prem has composed verses that Sunny said she felt spoke to her life in India.

"At the point when Sunny arrived, she was expecting a western tune. After listening to a folksy tune rather, she communicated her reservations. In any case, she saw a couple of features of tunes like these and she concurred. When she inquired as to whether Seshamma was her character's name, I clarified that Seshamma Bagilu Tegiyamma is like 'Open Sesame' or 'Khul Ja Sim' in Kannada legends. She was delighted and solicited me to clarify the verses from the whole tune. When I let her know the lines of the second stanza that go 'Naanu Barbaradanta government avare meeting maadavre, Naanu Barbaradanta statilnalli check in time haakavre', she said this was very much alike to her life. She clarified to me how she didn't comprehend why certain religious outfits needed to restrict her from the nation and these two lines were like her circumstance in India by then," says Prem.

Fahad Mustafa to Quit TV Industry - Pakistani Actor

fahad mustafa
Fahad Mustafa has offered farewell to television, the performing artist revealed to Dawn News in an interview that "I'm dealing with my new dramatization called Doosri Biwi at the moment, which is my own creation and will be aired on ARY Digital."

Alongside Fahad, Doosri Biwi will feature Hareem Mustafa, Maha Ansari, Ahmed Ali, Dr. Ali Kazmi, Sheheryar Zaidi, Amber Wajid and Maham Aamir. Fahad Mustafa, himself is the show's producer while it is being directed by Anjum Shehzad.

However, Fahad claimed that he will take a temporary break from the television business after the Doosri Biwi show and will return to creating a new movie. Mustafa is already flying-high and relaxing in heavenliness, owing to the forceful success of ARY's game show "Jeeto Paksitan" and his movie Na-Maloom Afraad.

The performing artist will be soon seen on the silver screen in his latest movie "Mah-e-Meer" with Iman Ali and Sanam Saeed. Apparently, the dramatization's titled "Doosri Biwi" sounds like another tale revolving around miserable wives and second marriages.

Let's see if Fahad's new show ends up being different and gets him a commendable watch from the audience in his last dramatization before his transient leave.